A Complete Guide on Security Information and Event Management (Updated)

Publishded on:- 19 July 2022
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A Complete Guide on Security Information and Event Management (Updated)
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Technology is expanding at a rapid rate and since we live in a digital world most industries are using computers to run their businesses. As a result, companies must maintain their software and hardware devices to prevent security breaches & errors in their applications.


To maintain and protect online systems, tech professionals use software to manage them. This includes Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software.


So how can SIEM assist your business and how does it work? Today we’ll be giving you a complete guide on this type of device management system so you can organize and secure your computers. Keep reading to find out more.


What is SIEM? (Security Information and Events Management)

SIEM software gathers and combines logged data generated throughout your company’s technology infrastructure such as the following:

  • Host systems
  • Application logs
  • Networks
  • Antivirus
  • Firewalls
  • Cloud computing such as SaaS, IaaS Office 365
  • Network and activity context
  • Endpoint events
  • Threat intelligence
  • User and asset context


The software subsequently detects, identifies and categorizes events and incidents & then analyzes them. Some systems also correlate those events to detect patterns or abnormal behaviours that may not be evident based on individual events.  All the data found is organized into the highest and lowest priorities so they can be managed accordingly. This helps speed up workflow.


Why the Need for SIEM?

Now that you know what SIEM is, why is it important for your company to have this software?

The benefits are shown in this next section.


Reduces the Impact of Threats

Given that all the data is logged onto one system, IT teams can quickly respond to threats and events before they completely destroy your company’s technology infrastructure. This includes malware and system errors. IT can subsequently eradicate threats easily before they cause system failures.


All Data is Logged on One Complete System

The company’s technology infrastructure will give you various information from all different platforms and it will organize it onto one complete system. Consequently, it will save your team a lot of time because they won’t have to go searching for the data through all the platforms.


SIEM software will detect and alert your team immediately if there are any errors or threats so they can eradicate them immediately.


Elimination of Manual Tasks

The SIEM software eliminates the need for manual tasks such as tracking. This allows your tech team to focus on other areas namely investigation and response.


Pre-Built Reports and Templates

SIEM has convenient and user-friendly systems that have pre-built reports & templates. They can assist with the management of your technological infrastructure.


Compete Visibility

For some systems, you don’t have complete visibility on data such as from cloud computing servers. SIEM will show you all data from traditional and cloud environments through centralized insights.



What your company requires is IBM system information and event management. It’s a SIEM system that’s designed to collect and ingest a vast amount of data to give you an all-inclusive view of activity throughout your technological infrastructure.


IBM QRadar SIEM gives you real-time information that’s automated and will detect & prioritize threats fast. As a result, your tech team is able to respond to these threats as soon as there is an alert so they can eliminate them immediately.


Here are 3 benefits to the IBM QRadar SIEM system.  

  1. No matter how big or small your business is the IBM SIEM system is scaled for any company with limited customization. Therefore it doesn’t matter how large your technological infrastructure is because the IBM SIEM software can easily pull data into one comprehensive dashboard.
  2. The system is a self-tuning and management system so your IT team can focus on security operations. This means the software does all the work for you so your team can concentrate on other important aspects of your technology infrastructure.
  3. It’s important for a SIEM system to have real-time detections because it assists in eradicating threats and errors before they can cause issues on your devices. The IBM QRadar system offers real-time detection so it can alert you immediately when there’s a threat.


The IBM system is a flexible digital architectural software that can be applied to on-premises or cloud computing systems. This option meets a variety of requirements for any type of digital platform.


Final Thoughts

Is your company growing fast and you don’t have the system management you need to maintain your technology infrastructure? Then consider getting SIEM software to detect, categorize and prioritize data so your IT team can sustain your systems effectively.


Don’t compromise on the security and upkeep of your digital systems. Allow an intelligent automated platform to quickly collect all data from any platform onto one comprehensive visible interface for you. Your SIEM software will increase workflow, protect your security system and give you insights on existing solutions.


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