25 November 2019

Meeting Room as a Service

Meeting Room as a Service

Meeting room systems have always been full of issues. In our experience, these are the main ones:

  1. Nobody knows how to use them (so no one uses them)
  2. They never work on the day you need them (so no one counts on them, so no one uses them)
  3. They come with a large upfront investment (so few actually buy them, so few can actually use them)

But times have changed! 

Thanks to Logitech and Microsoft (and Zoom (and Google))), these issues no longer needs to be true. You can now get an easy to use meeting room system that everyone knows how to use, actually always works and can be purchased for less than $10k (CAD). Even better, if you go with a Meeting Room as a Service option, somebody else is on the hook to make sure it always work and there is no large upfront investment (around $400/m over 36 months, including all hardware, installation, warranty and monitoring, talk to us!).

So what does this new revolutionary solution involve? A Logitech Tap combined with a video conference system such as the Rally. The experience now becomes: 

  • You walk into the room
  • You tap on the touch controller
  • And voila, the meeting starts with all the audio and video features enabled (and working)

Is that all? No! If you use Microsoft Teams, it can even do more than that: 

First off, let’s start about proximity join. Does this sound familiar: you start talking to some colleagues, you want to bring some workers from outside the office, so you need an available meeting room, but you don’t want to go back to your computer or check all the rooms one by one. Here comes proximity join: you take you smartphone out, open Teams and it tells you which rooms are available close to you using Bluetooth, you add the room, the meeting starts, and the conversation continues.

What else? How about a real whiteboard that is properly viewable by remote participant without buying one of those fancy electronic ones that requires training before you can use them? Take a great webcam (such as the Logitech Brio) set it up as a content camera, point to the whiteboard and that’s it. Your going to think it is to good to be true, but look at this video and let us tell you it actually works (we’re happy to join a meeting and demonstrate if you are interested)(you can actually see them use Proximity Join to find the room in the beginning).

So now there are no excuses, you can make all your meetings engaging with video with all participants involved (whether they work in an larger office or from home).

Get in touch if you want more details or you can buy it here: shop.alcit.com

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