Press Release : ALCiT announces the opening of its US office

Publishded on:- 1 August 2020
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Press Release : ALCiT announces the opening of its US office
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ALCiT announces the opening of its US office 

August 1, 2020, at 10:00 AM EST   

Today, ALCiT has announced it will be expanding its offering to the US market. The opening of a new US market is the next step in the company’s expansion and growth.   

US customers will now have access to the quality services that Canadian customers are accustomed to. The new office will allow ALCiT to operate in the US, providing cybersecurity and peace of mind to more businesses and greater distribution of its tools essential to keep small and medium businesses' data safe and secure.    

The same products and model will be applied in this new office, meaning US businesses will also be able to leverage large enterprise tools at a smaller scale with the same effectiveness.   

This growth also comes at a time where cybersecurity has never been more important, as the digital market expands and remote workers increase, the need for data security is clear. ALCiT has been operating in Canada since 2009 with great success and is in the best position to offer this security to the US market. Their experience and services in these key areas will benefit the North American market. The company will continue to grow and focus on growing its team and offering quality service to all its customers.   


About ALCiT  

ALCiT provides clients with peace of mind. They make sure IT Infrastructure is up to date, secure, and working, and have assembled a portfolio of tools, services, and products to deliver that efficiently. Learn more about ALCiT

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