Why Should I Get a Next Generation Anti-Malware?

Publishded on:- 9 May 2020
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Why Should I Get a Next Generation Anti-Malware?
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Certain terms have become commonplace for anyone using the World Wide Web and a business network. ‘Anti-malware’ & ‘Firewall’ are some of these terms and these security features can be found on most end-users’ devices.

But now there’s a new term you need to take notice of: Next generation anti-malware. What is it and why do you need it?


How does Traditional Anti-Malware Work?

Anyone using a computer is used to getting notices for necessary software updates. This is especially necessary for anti-malware, because this software needs to update its database of identified malware and viruses. It needs this database to identify an incoming attack: it looks at the signatures found on any file and if a signature matches with an item in the virus database, you’ll get an alert.


But you’ll have a problem when the attack comes in the form of a virus or malware that has not been added to your virus database yet. That’s why you need next generation technology.


What Makes Next Generation Anti-Malware Different?

Thanks to developments in technology, next generation anti-malware can identify suspicious files, not based on signatures, but based on behaviour. A malicious Word file will display different actions, such as registry key modification, than a standard Word file. Next generation anti-malware can notice this deviation from the norm and based on that it can take action, even if that specific virus or malware is brand new.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the form of machine learning forms part of the effectiveness of this technology. It uses algorithms to analyze files quickly and thoroughly.


Other characteristics and benefits of next generation anti-malware include:

  • Protection from ransomware thanks to caching copies of files. If ransomware is detected a process can be stopped and you can return to using the cached version.

  • The technology is more effective for devices that aren’t used on a business’ premises. So, you have protection for remote workers.

  • It’s a more practical solution to keeping you safe when you use cloud servers.

Why Do You Need this Technology?

No business can ignore the threat of cyber criminals. The threats are increasing, despite the online community’s best efforts to curb hackers’ actions against individuals and companies. Unfortunately, the use of ransomware has caused both small AND large business embarrassment, time and money when criminals find ways to access networks and extort companies by taking data ‘hostage’.


Bottomline, no business can afford to ignore the possibility of becoming a victim to cyber criminals, viruses and malware.


These criminals are continuously improving their methods of attacks, so the security measures that once worked aren’t as effective anymore. You need to stay up to date if you want to keep your data safe.


Also, because you can’t afford to waste time when it comes to running a business, you need fast, efficient solutions. Next generation anti-malware automates many processes, ensuring you stay safe effortlessly, even while you grow and add more processes & devices to your business.


Final Thoughts

Getting improved, next generation security against malware attacks is essential, but make sure you pick correctly. There are many respected products on today’s market, such as CrowdStrike, CarbonBlack and Cylance.


Just remember that each business is unique and so your security requirements will be unique too. Our team can partner with you and with the assistance of SentinalOne we can help you set up a strong defence against malware.

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