4 September 2019

ALCiT @ IBM Think 2019

  • By Loïc Calvez
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ALCiT @ IBM Think 2019

I had the pleasure to spend the last week in San Francisco with IBM’s best and brightest at the IBM Think 2019, and pardon the pun, it got me thinking (a lot).

I will post a couple more entries on specific topics later, but high level:

  • Cyber Security is more important than ever (did you know that the current recommended length for privileged passwords is at least 20 characters?)
  • Artificial Intelligence can be useful now, even for smaller companies and it does not have to be that complicated (you can program a drone to do image recognition with reasonable accuracy in hours!)
  • Are your backups truly air gaped (if your admins had a bad day, could they wipe out all your data?)
  • Recruiting in today’s world is getting harder, especially if you try to do it without biases (we all have unconscious biases and they are, well, unconscious)
  • Securing the mobile workforce is becoming critical (over 90% of communications from mobile devices are not protected by your corporate firewall)

More later, stay tuned.

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